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Speed Loader Plus By Tony Miller

I can say only one thing about this wallet, I LOVE IT.

I no longer carry or advertise many products, except my own items or effects I own the manufacturing rights to. Tony Miller's Speed Loader Wallet is the best signed card to wallet I have come across in years. I was delighted to be able to make a deal with Tony to bring this quality product to the magic fraternity. The method of the loading system is 100% unique.  I have only ever seen this on the Speed Loader Wallet.

What do all magicians want from their card to wallet? To be able to load it fast and smooth, with zero fumbling. Tony's creative method has answered every one of these questions. No slides, nothing to ditch, no weird-looking pockets. The wallet itself is the loading system.

Trust me, you will love this wallet. Tony handcrafts every one himself. They are made from top-quality leather. This is a hip-sized billfold wallet, it fits into any pants pocket or in your favorite jacket.

The Speed Loader Plus can be used as your regular wallet, it holds bills and credit cards.

Comes complete with a URL link that directly takes you to five incredible handlings.

Highest recommendation.

" I don't do testimonials, but I really like this wallet " Cyril.

"Tony Miller's leather products are absolutely the best that I have ever seen, Not only is he a wonderful craftsmen, he is also  a diabolical thinker and his leather items reflect his creativity. To top it off,his goods offer great value for their price"
Barrie Richardson

“This thing is so easy to use, I’m amazed it wasn't marketed by Tenyo to laypeople.”
“Most Tenyo products aren't as easy to use as this.”
Geoff Williams

Very nice! I STILL don't know how it works.
Cameron Francis

Super clean. I love this, Tony.
Daniel Ulin

OK OK How much $$$ must I send for you to send me one of those! REALLY not kidding... I want one!
Jim McGowan

Another Killer wallet from TM! Well Done!
Eric Myers

Hi Mark
       Dropping you an email to let you know my SLP wallet is AWESOME.
You keep finding these gems. Keep up the good work,love dealing with you.
Chuck Arnold CA

No reset.
No slides.
No fake pockets.
Nothing to ditch.

We have just received this FANTASTIC HANDLING from Ed Oschmann. We added both the performance and explanation to the routines that come with your Speed Loader Plus Wallet.


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Customer Reviews

  • Top Quality

    5 Stars

    Got my wallet. works great. Always happy with JB stuff (I have almost all of it)
    Danny B MD

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    5 Stars

    Great wallet, Mark. Easy to load. It works a dream.

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  • A very well made, easy to use card to wallet

    5 Stars

    This is a great design for a card to wallet. I have several wallets and this is probably the easiest to use. Actually I like your routine with the blank deck, it makes the routine more visual. I know the misdirection is more than adequate, but not being a fan of the top palm I'm working it out with the diagonal palm shift and a delay before going to the pocket. But it is very well made, small enough to use in any pocket and very easy to load, even in front of the spectators, though it is difficult to do that consistently and convincingly. The online instructions frankly seemed a bit too casual and brief. You can't see the loading very well, so it assumes some familiarity with a palmed card to wallet. Also there are no tips to keep it properly positioned, or comments on the logic of rubber bands around a wallet. Doesn't that suggest that something's fishy about it? You'll probably get different opinions on that. But as to the wallet itself bravo on a great product. Definitely worth the price.

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  • Speed Loader

    5 Stars

    This is a great wallet.

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