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A complete sell out at Blackpool magic convention.

We now have Hopping Half in Morgan Dollars and a beautiful solid dollar size copper coin. These are top quality and highly recommended. The dollar size makes this set super visual.

A USA Morgan dollar and a dollar size copper coin are shown, the Morgan dollar is placed in your pocket, as you ask, "what is left in your hand" they answer, the copper coin, you open your hand show BOTH coins are in your hand, this is repeated with the copper coin and then again with the Morgan dollar. Finally, you remove the copper coin, show both sides and place it in your pocket.

Now for the kicker ending. You ask what remains in your hand, most spectators will say both coin. You slowly open your hand to show that in fact your hand is empty.
Top quality magic.
Please note this is sold as a coin set only and does not include a routine.

Credit goes to Jim Boyd the creator of this routine, originally called Confusing Coins. Published in 1967 Gen.
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Customer Reviews

  • You Get What You Pay For! That Old Adage is TRUE!

    5 Stars

    You Get What You Pay For! That Old Adage is TRUE!

    Many of us bought a very inexpensive version of this great, classic trick in our younger days, but doing it with these high quality and impressive looking coins makes it a much more impressive effect!

    If this fits into your budget, you will be glad you ordered them, once they arrive! You'll see...

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  • 5 Stars

    A "Classic Effect" but better. The Morgan Dollar size adds a huge difference to the performance and presentation. The quality of the coins, like all JB Magic items, are Exceptional!

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Only 1 left!