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JB Magic's FREE FALL ‘VISUAL Coins through Table’

See this to Believe IT! Looks Like REAL Magic!

Display Four Half Dollar's on the table or in your hand.Put these coins in your open left hand and display them at your finger tips. Clearly there are only four coins. The right hand moves underneath the table and the four coin are allowed to fall onto the table. When the coins hit the table, one coin has vanished! The right hand comes out from under the table holding one coin.

Repeat this sequence until all coins have Visually passes through the table!

ONLY Four Coins are Used!
NO Shells or Extra Coins!
NO Lapping or Difficult Sleights!
Perform Surrounded or Standing!

NOTE, You will need 3 regular half dollars to perform this effect.

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Customer Reviews

  • A different approach

    5 Stars

    Fantasitic Effect! Seems to me the thinking of this routine is backwards because your starting with the best parts and end with the least impressive. Should rope them in with lots of cover on the first one and end with the open display of coins passing thru, imho. LOVE THIS SITE!!

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  • Well performed . A must have..

    5 Stars

    Brill. coin effect, looks like real magic.

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    5 Stars

    Pleasantly surprised, my mail box today was FREE FALL. You stated it might be 2 weeks before delivery. WOW! only 8 days.
    Yes, a killer effect and only $25. You my friend are the coin man. You get the feel after several hours of practice, but I always practice a week or so to get the KILLER edge. Many thanks.. Wally

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Only 1 left!