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Sympathetic Matchboxes By Bob Swadling.
When you think of Swadling Magic, you always think of top quality precision made props.

Bob's Boxes are the ROLLS ROYCE of matchboxes. Each sleeve is expanded so there is no friction as the trays glide both in and out. The trays are all hand waxed and finally they are polished.

Unlike other sets there are no visible knots on the outside of the sleeves. Inside the trays are hand filed. Each box is re cut for a smooth operation.
These boxes work and feel like no others. Made to last a lifetime.
Created By Pat Conway and routined by Roy Johnson, Bob has taken this routine to a new level.

This is the PERFECT NO RESET strolling magic routine.
Join Both Bob and Mark Mason on the step-by-step instructional DVD. They teach every part of this incredible piece of magic.Starting and ending with both matchboxes inside a small box is pure genius. This makes it the perfect
piece of close up magic.
Easy to do
No Reset
Audience Participation
Magic with everyday objects
Bonus Section
This section features a brilliant un-gimmicked version, where both boxes are handed out at the end with no switch.

Received order on time and in excellent condition.
The Sympathetic Matchboxes are well made and very cleverly gimmicked.
I highly recommend this trick to anyone who does close-up. a real
fooler. Thank you for another clever prop. Very Happy. Andrew Woolery

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Customer Reviews

  • matchboxes

    5 Stars

    Dear Mark,
    Received the 'Sympathetic Matchboxes' safely.A very good routine and easy to learn thanks to the DVD.A great improvement over the earlier versions.Thanks again for the prompt service.


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  • David Regal Genii review Nov 2010

    5 Stars

    Bobís routine was the best I'd seen. Close up magic that involves neither a card or a coin is something to be treasured.

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  • Love these boxes

    5 Stars

    You have to own these boxes, they are awesome and work so well. Hihly recommend this set.

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    5 Stars

    These are the best matchboxes EVER!!!
    The additon of the Box is brilliant and the routine included is great!! Glad I bought two sets, and I am really considering buying 2 more because I'm goin to be doing routines with these beauties for years and years!!!!
    Thanks to Bob and Mark for another great product!!

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